Bookkeeping Services

Key Benefits

  • Accounts Receivable: Invoicing your customers, posting collections, sales reports, aging report of your customer accounts, collection letters/calls.
  • Accounts Payable: Paying your vendors and managing accounts payable to take advantage of vendor discounts.
  • Payroll processing: Including quarterly and annual payroll tax reports
  • Bank reconciliations: On-Line or manual bank reconciliation’s (or reviewing your reconciliation)
  • Month-End Reports: Balance Sheets, Income Statements, Statement of Cash Flow
  • Sales and Use Tax Filings: Preparing all required business tax reports

What are the steps in handling your bookkeeping needs?

  • Identify the services you need.
  • Set up a convenient schedule to collect the needed data from you.
  • Process the data efficiently and timely.

Below is an explanation of some reports we will provide to help keep you informed on your performance.

  • Customer Aging Report: Report of your customer’s balances owed you and how many days they are outstanding. Known in the accounting trade as an Accounts Receivable Aging.
  • Vendor Aging Report: Report of your vendor’s balances you owe and payment due dates. Known in the accounting trade as an Accounts Payable report.
  • Financial Reports: Financial Reports that consist of a Profit and Loss Statement, Balance Sheet (which is a snapshot of your assets, liabilities and owners equity), and a Statement of Cash Flow (which identifies where cash is coming from, such as operations and/or investments).
  • Comparative Financial Reports: These reports allow you to measure your performance.